“Make a Radio” competition

Branch 30 ran a “Make a Radio” competition suggested by Ian Scott ZL4NJ.
The following week Ian had made a working amplified TRF radio which performed very well.
It was varactor tuned (with a charge pump to bring up the tuning voltage to cover the AM band). 6 weeks were available to budding constructors ending in the Show and Tell night on Wed 24th May.

Neil ZL4UC, a Xtal set featuring a tuning cap made from baking foil with thin plastic dielectric
Kevin ZL4QD with a radio on a 1980 style “experimenters” panel
Peter ZL4LV with an early “Otago Branch” rx for 40m band (with unexpected cracks)
and a regen receiver featuring a 955 acorn valve (constructor unknown)
Terry ZL4TAE with an unfinished Xtal set in a nice wee Hammond box
Pete ZL4SA all the way from Ranfurly with a colourful 4 piece ensemble consisting of a TRF stage, a single tuned stage and the crystal set module, each inductively coupled and a final audio amp stage. This was a very interesting receiver which worked well on the local AM mitters.
And the final entry really took the cake!
Kay produced an excellent Crystal radio cake which was carefully examined by all present then chopped up and fed to the assembled crew.

A visitor on the night, Dennis Wong 9W8DEN from the Amateur Radio Club, Sarawak in East Indonesia was so impressed he made a lovely impromptu speech and presented each participant with a beautiful ARCS badge. Thank you Dennis.

The crew assembled crew declined to enter a judging round as each entry was unique and interesting in its own way (and the box of chocks did not appear)

One Response to “Make a Radio” competition

  1. I couldn’t split the home-made radios either.
    They were all winners in their own right!
    Great also to meet up with Dennis Wong 9W8DEN… he was a most welcome visitor to BOTH our shores and our club…
    Ham radio knows no geographical borders, and knows no cultural boundaries, either. This was a huge example of THAT.
    At 3 million strong we sure are one united global club!

    A most (typically) tremendous evening. Well done BR30!

    73s de ZL2CHAR.