Joining NZART Otago Branch 30

NZART Otago Branch 30 Clubrooms. 109 Macandrew Road, Dunedin.

NZART Otago Branch 30 Clubrooms. 109 Macandrew Road, Dunedin.

Want to join our Branch? Check this page for the details you need to know…

If you are already a licensed amateur radio operator or looking forward to getting your licence we would welcome your membership of our Branch.

Our annual fees are very low:

  • Full Membership – $25.00
  • Family Membership – $30.00
  • Junior / Associate Membership – $11.00
  • ———————————————–
  • Please specify “SUB2018” and your callsign (ZL4…) as the reference for sub payments
  • Account Name: Otago Branch NZART Inc
  • Account Number: 03-0903-0380358-00

As we are a Branch of our parent body, membership of our national association is also advised.

Find out more by visiting our NZART Headquarters web site.

Please note, membership is subject to acceptance.

Getting your Amateur Radio licence

It has never been easier to get your amateur licence than it is today. For starters the once mandatory requirement to learn Morse code has been abolished.

Secondly the entire test is multi-choice and you can download all the questions, exam sheets and study guides to prepare well in advance of your exam form the NZART examinations page.

We run the exams on demand at our club rooms. The club has recently has a 2 day weekend course with a 100% success rate from the 10 people who came.

The exam has 60 multi choice questions and you only have to get 40 questions correct to pass. There are members at the Branch who are happy to help you prepare for your exam so you are certainly not alone as you work towards your goal of getting your licence.

Want to know more?

If you just want to find out more about us, why not just turn up at one of our meetings on a Wednesday night and make yourself known to one of the group – we welcome visits to our club anytime. If you have any questions feel free to contact us anytime and we’ll do our best to answer them as soon as possible. If you are planning a visit or want to know more our contact page has more information.