Jan 22 First meeting of the year, informal, social gathering
Jan 26 First Branch 30 Sunday Net
Jan 29 Adam ZL4ASC talks of his experiences ‘Wintering over”
Feb 01-02 VHF Field Day. ZL4AA Making an impression
Feb 05 Adam ZL4ASC Talks of the radio and comms challenges on the Ice
Feb 12 First 2019 Committee Meeting.   Construction
Feb 19 Jock White National FD Planning and Briefing  ZL4DK
Feb 22-23 Jock White National FD: Branch 30 at Neills QTH
Feb 26 Resilience Project: What direction Now and How: Club discussion and ideas (TT) 
Mar 04 Site visits to our Karetai Road site. Members with 4WD’s will ferry people up hill to the Downer Highcliff site. (weather and ground conditions permitting). Check out Stews fancy rig up there and the excellent views.
Mar 11 Committee Meets
Mar 18 AREC With Lindsey and Stephen
Mar 25  
Apr 01 Otago Rally Briefing (The Rally is running a week earlier than usual)
Apr 03-05 Otago Rally  
Apr 10 Committee Meets

Updated: 10 Jan 2020