August 29: Skin Effect: David ZL4DK exposes an insidious effect of alternating currents in a conductor
September 5: What can be done with BC547’s  Pt 2
Terry and Ian putting the ubiquitos BC547 to work. This weeks is a WORKSHOP focused is on Oscillators. RC, LC, Wien Bridge, Collpits, Hartley, Butler, Astable, Unstable, Bistable, Phase shift, Parallel Tee, take your pick. Build and bring it along or we will build them at the meeting.
September 8, 9: BRANCH 30 runs another famous “Ham Cram” weekend
David ZL4DK at the helm
September 12: Committee. Construction:
September 19: AREC Meeting and Training  ZL4SLG
Stephen and Team keeps us abreast of current ideas and Training
September 26: Club Dinner: Weavers Restaurant, Factory Rd Mosgiel
Gather at 1830 for a Buffet Dinner
October 3: RFI Detection & Tracking, Fox Hunts, Wanda Trak
Martin, Kay and others give us the background and tips leading to a Fox Hunt later in the year
October 10: Committee. Construction:
October 17: Kevins Expose of Gugliemo Marconi
His life and times, achievements, failures and the commercialisation of Radio
October 20, 21: JOTA  More details to follow
October xx: Construction Project at QTH of Peter ZL4LV
Saturday Morning Re-assemble the clubs Tribander, repair and raise Peters 160m Aerial.
Meet at Peters 1930Hrs.
Stephen and others introduce Rally Safe to prepare us for the Lawrence Rally next month