Website outage

Apologies our website was down for several days due to a hosting issue.

This has been resolved and we’re back up now 🙂

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AGM – New Date Announced

For various operational reasons, this has been postponed until Wednesday 5th December at 2000 hours.   If you want a copy of the AGM, please email ZL4JH.

This then means that the following first committee meeting of the incoming committee will be on the 12th December at 1900 hours, followed by our Christmas wind-up evening at 2000 hours.

Saturday 24th November.  The OTC at 1400 hours, but really, its open to everyone who has been here for a year or two.  If you know somebody who can’t make it under their own steam, please help them if you can.

  • Last Wednesday night of the year – 12th December 2018
  • First Wednesday next year – 23rd January, 2019
  • Last Sunday Sked – 16th December, 2018
  • First Sunday sked – 20th January, 2019

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Content updates

Thanks to Terry Thomas for his updates supplied to be posted to the website. The Meetings and Events pages have both been updated with new information as of the date of this news post. The page called Activities has been renamed to Events as per the labeling schema used by Terry.

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ARRL Letter Dated August 22

This letter covers a lot of ground including the possible closure of WWV and WWVH, the high risk of RFI from LED Lighting (maybe we should be consulting with DCC over the proposed LED Street lighting rollout), an interesting story of Fractal antenna and absorbers for ‘cloaking’ and lastly an interesting tale relating Amelia Erharts final flight.

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