local Repeaters & Frequencies

VHF Repeaters

Mt Cargill

Frequency Output 146.900MHz input 146.300Mhz


Location High Cliff

Frequency 146.650MHz Input 146.050MHz


UHF Repeaters


Location Mt Cargill

National repeater systems local node

Output 439.925MHz   Input 434.925MHz


Location Rudd Road

Output 439.150  Input 434.150

CTCSS on Repeater RX 88.5Hz


Other stuff


Saddle Hill

438.200 MHz   Simplex linked to 146.900 to cover Mosgiel

438.300 MHz simplex UHF, requires mobile to transmit 88.5Hz CTCSS .

Located in Halfway Bush Road which is to the North West of central Dunedin.



6184 Fairfield, Dunedin: Mike ZL4DM normally on 665.

6397 Invercargill: Rolly Ernst ZL4AU, 146.4500MHz

6642 Alexandra: John.