What’s happening with upcoming club meetings?


For the duration of the Covid-19 alert level 4 situation, the clubhouse is closed. On Wednesday nights, please tune into 690 instead from 7-30pm.    The consensus is the best computer program for group meetings is “Zoom” so we will be trying that first.  

Dave, ZL4DK will be emailing a link to use to join the “Zoom” net if you want to. You do not have to have “Zoom” loaded before hand but we suspect you will be able to join much more quickly if you do have it loaded. Make sure you use the right  download – various companies who want you to  load their utility functions always seem to get stacked higher in the Google search engine listing than the one you want. 

Anyway, this week the main Wednesday night activity will be similar to last week, except 30 minutes earlier as we will all be at home anyway, and then those that want to try will have an opportunity to practice with “Zoom”.

Stay safe – Ham radio is a great way to keep in touch.


Martin  ZL4JH (Secretary)

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