Lates News – 18 August 2020

Apologies for our dodgy internet which failed to deliver the Zoom re Supercapacitors. This can be found at along with other interesting vids.

At our recent AREC Meeting, some issues were raised regarding the DCC ECU. TT and Stew ZL4DC met with Glenn Mitchell to offer assistance but it seems DCC are reviewing it’s use of the vehicle. More news as it comes to hand.

AREC National are working on a register and ID’s for its Members.

Our Resilience Project is pottering along and we hope to see the DTMF control of (Solar) power to 4 of the repeaters at Highcliff soon. Another project to add a 5 watt APRS service at Saddle Hill is also planned.
Other projects are being considered but the big one is to see as many of us able to operate ‘Off Grid” on VHF, UHF or HF when a major event occurs and power and telecommunications are lost. Contact Terry if you would like suggestions as to how you might get there.

Finally TT, Russ ZL4JW and Dan ZL4DE are working on a paper to present to Emergency Management Otago and Southland as to Emergency Communication Issues and Options to help deal with a major event.

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