AGM 2021

The 2021 AGM of the NZART Branch 30, Otago branch is next Wednesday starting at 8pm at the clubrooms. There are no “notices of motion” and the committee has recommended no change to subscriptions.  Written nominations have been received for all committee positions

The agenda is as follows:

The Otago Branch of the New Zealand Association of Radio Transmitters Inc.
(Inaugural meeting 9 August 1928)
P.O. Box 5485, Dunedin, 9054.
Clubrooms: 109 Macandrew Road, South Dunedin.
Charities Commission Reg No. CC 40410

The Annual General Meeting of Branch 30 will be held on Wednesday 16th June, 2021 starting at 8pm at the club headquarters, 109 Macandrew Road with supper to follow.


• Opening welcome
• Apologies
• Silent Keys
• Minutes of the previous AGM.
• Reports (Verbal – Brief!!)
o Presidents (ZL4DK)
o Financial (ZL4JH)
o Repeater (ZL4JH)
o Contesting (ZL4QD)
o Examination (ZL4DK)
Other reports will be available in writing.

• Election of Office bearers Written Nominations have been received for all positions as below.

o President ZL4DK
o Vice President ZL4TAE
o Secretary ZL4JH
o Treasurer ZL4JH
o Committee – not less than 3 nor more than 5. ZL4MD, CB, UC, KT, ERU

• Appointments to key positions.

o AREC ( Note only – Outside appointment)
o Awards
o Archivist
o Charities Liaison
o IT Managers
o Club Contact
o Contest Manager
o EMC Manager
o Examiners
o Jota Liaison
o Librarian
o QSL Manager
o Repeater Trustees
▪ Mt Cargill
▪ 665
▪ Mosgiel Link
▪ DMR/EE122
▪ Rudd Road/HWB
o Webmaster

For list of incumbents, see our website

• General Business
• Supper

R.M. Balch ZL4JH
Hon Secretary

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