DN Calling Award

To celebrate the centenary of Radio Broadcasting in New Zealand, Otago Branch 30 will be running the “DN Calling Award” during the month of November 2021.

To qualify for the award applicants need to earn 10 points (or more). Points are gained from contacts during November with stations as follows:

  • Special station ZL100DN – 5 points
  • Branch 30 Club Station ZL4AA – 3 points
  • Members of Branch 30 – 1 point

Branch 30 stations and the above callsigns should be active most nights during November on 3610 kHz +/- QRM. However contacts on any band and mode are permitted for the award.

Contacts with each callsign can only be claimed once during the month. Repeat contacts do not count for points regardless of band, mode or day.

The award certificate will be emailed for you to print to avoid any printing and postage costs. To apply, email a text log of the required contacts to zl100dn@zl4aa.org.nz

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