Ham Cram – Get Your Amateur Licence

It has never been easier to get your amateur licence than it is today. For starters the once mandatory requirement to learn Morse code has been abolished.

Secondly the entire test is multi-choice and you can download all the questions, exam sheets and study guides to prepare well in advance of your exam form the NZART examinations page.

We run “Ham Cram” training weekends at intervals through the year culminating in the Amateur Exam. We have an excellent pass rate. If you would like to join the fraternity of Amateur Radio Operators complete our enrollment form below and sign up for our next training weekend. This is a full on weekend and some prior study on your part is recommended.

The exam has 60 multi choice questions and you only have to get 40 questions correct to pass. There are members at the Branch who are happy to help you prepare for your exam so you are certainly not alone as you work towards your goal of getting your license.

Would you like to join our next Ham Cram training weekend?

Feel free to complete the form below and someone from our club will be in touch.

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