Oct 20:Lindsay ‘Crackley’ Rackley on the lengthy history Dunedin Radio broadcasting
Oct 27:Jaycar GM Colin McCaughan talks Arduino with 20 Kitsets and Murray show off ‘Tiny GS’ on 433 MHz
Oct 30/31Sat/Sunday Ham Cram Weekend with David ZL4DK, and others
Nov 1 – 30ZL100DN Award runs all this month on HF bands. (More details on website soon)
Nov 3:Briefing for Lawrence Rally, Stephen ZL4SLG
Nov 6:Saturday Lawrence Rally 
Nov 10:Yagi Build 5: The Final Final solution?  ADAM ZL4ASC
Nov 11: ThursCommittee meeting via Zoom. 
Nov 17:AREC Update
Nov 24:
Dec 1:Show n Tell. Bring along your projects. VHF FD Organise for Team ZL4AA 
Dec 4-5:Sat/Sunday: National VHF FD. Can Branch 30 do it again?
Dec 8:Committee meeting. Last one for the Year
Dec 11:Social: OTC Afternoon Tea 
Dec 15:Special Guests Bob & Sue Vernall. Sue shows us her unique QSL Stamp collection
Dec 19:Last Branch Sked for the year