Feb 17:Yagi Build Project: Design, costing etc before components are ordered
Feb 24:AREC Update
Feb 27-28:National Jock White HF FD. Branch 30 heads to the hills
Mar 3:JW FD De-brief, compose Logs
Mar 10:Committee meeting
Mar 17:Ian expands on ideas for a Chirp style sounding Project
Mar 24:Wanda Search; Training & Resources. 
::  Bring radio for 310 MHz to try. USB Dongle, Yagi design
Mar 31:Yagi Build Project: Fabrication night, drop saw, drill press into kitsets
Apr 7:AREC Briefing for Otago Rally
Apr 14:Committee meeting
Apr 16-18:Rally of Otago hits our backblocks
Apr 21:Ian Gardiner talks of his experiences with Angus Tait and Mountain Radio 
Apr 28:Otago Rally De-brief
May 5:FOX HUNT On 2m and 70cm
May 12:Committee meeting
May 19:AREC Update
May 26: