Our Photos

A selection of photographs taken at past Branch 30 events – enjoy.

2012 Events

Karetai Road

Otago Rally

Field Day 2012


Assorted images we\'re not too sure where else to place :-)

2011 Events


Tait TP8115  Radio kit

Tait TP8115 Radio kit

2010 Events

2009 Events

no images were found

2008 Events

Conference 2008

Shag Valley Trip

Jock White Contesting 2008

NZART Jock White Field Day 23rd and 24th February 2008.

VHF DX Contesting 2008

Images from ZL4DK working from Swampy Summit

2007 Events

Annual General Meeting 2007

Images from our AGM held at the branch clubrooms in December 2007...