Thanks for your Emails

Thank you so much for inviting us down to your celebrations last night.  What an exciting event!  Thank you so much for having Henry and Lucy talk to Mill Hill school.  They were very excited to be part of it.  It will be something they will remember for ever and make that part of their history so much more alive!

Good luck for your clean up!  Those aerials certainly looked impressive.  We will look forward to having you all back in 10 years time for the big one!

Well done on all your hard work. Tanya & Johnny Bell 


I understand the Branch meeting is being held out here at Shag Valley today. A most appropriate venue.

It also seems appropriate to show my appreciation for the XLNT work you guys have done.

I will deliberately not mention any names as I’m sure there are many who I don’t know about who have had an input into the event.

There are two main branches of ham radio;

1/ the ‘giggle hurts’ guys doing the V/UHF and microwaves work

and 2/ the HF guys

It could be considered that the giggle hurts guys are the cutting edge boys and the HF guys are the ‘old fogies’ working in the last century.

What ever………..

Many in the club probably don’t know my background but I’m a member of ZL’s top contesting station ZM4T. (though that is about to change as the Chch boys are getting better and better).

I thought that as Branch 30 consists mainly of giggle hurts guys you were not the ones to undertake an event steeped in the history of the last century.

I was very wrong

The branch has done an excellent job here with a very good competitive HF station, well organized. Something you can be proud of and something to look back on in 10 years time.

Thank you. Mike S Mather


Well done to all involved with the Shag Valley 90th celebrations: impressive bit of organizing and good publicity for amateur radio at both sides of the globe. 73, Gary ZL2iFB


Just wish to say a BIG THANKS (not shouting) to the team who set up the station and the team of operators who ran the station. I enjoyed the chat and enjoyed the history. ZL2LDX and ZL2KIWI



Tonight, around 40 operators and guests crammed into the Shag Valley Station’s historic shearers quarters recreation room, transformed into a three station HF operation shack, to experience the unreal experience of the re-enactment of Frank Bell’s original contact with Cecil Goyder at Mill Hill School in London.

Among the guests were the current land-owners and hosts, Johnny Bell and his family, 5th and 6th generation Bell’s on the station.

As the operating team anxiously watched the Greyline simulator on the computer, initial contact was made on 20m with reception, once a clear frequency was found, excellent. This lead to what was the highlight of the evening –  Ian at Mill Hill School put two students on the microphone and at our end, Frank Bells great-grand children, Henry and Lucy took the  microphone and very quickly got “the lingo” much to the delight of the assembled audience.  Maybe Branch 30 has two  more budding members?

Meanwhile, Ken ZL4NR had tuned up the second rig on 80m while Mike ZL4OL operated and as the Grand-children finished their QSO’s, he quietly announced to the gathering – worked them! The headphone plug was then pulled and the gathering was able to listen to 2SZ working many stations.

To see the latest photos and President Dave Mulder, ZL4DK’s report on tonights events go to


Hi, Made contact with your station at 28.515 on the 10 Meter Band,I would like to send my best wishes for your celibration.

73 VA3HNZ-Heinz from Kingsville/Ontario/Canada.


Hello, firstly,congratulations for your celebration of the first around the world transmission,and of course GOOD LUCK!! M6KVT/m


Just like to say a big thanks for the contact on your Special Event and the contact with Ron. VK2UW