Zoiper: The why and how

Russell ZL4JW has been preparing for disasters for some time. His wireless IP network (Queenstown/ Lakes District and Central Otago) covers areas likely to be severely affected by the inevitable AF8 event now 12 years overdue. This event is likely to wipe out power, fibre and the cellular network throughout the Lakes District and possibly most of the South Island for a long time.

As part of his work with QLDC, he has installed a server to allow VOIP phone calls using your own smartphone and is planning solar or power backed up Wi-Fi hotspots around the Lakes District to enable this to work.

This is achieved by using a free version of Zoiper which allows anyone registered on his network to communicate via any IP based medium including Wi-Fi or your cellular carrier. The key component is to use your existing mobile number (with the leading 0 removed) as part of your account name.

If your mobile number is 0274 123 456, then your account name will look like this 274123456@ to enable use of IAX2 protocol thru port 4569.

To connect is a two-step process.

Complete the Rego Form and send it to Russell to allow him to register you on his network

Download Zoiper and setup Zoiper in the following manner (Android users)

Run Zoiper, create an Account:

  • Account Name (from above:  274123456@
  • Password. Typically use your call-sign with a your PIN added eg ZL4AA9876
  • Next:     Host
  • The next step asks if the provider requires Authentication Username or outbound proxy  SKIP
  • Select the last protocol from the list i.e. IAX UDP

When you have finished the above, Zoiper should show “Registered On Network”

Next, dive into your Contacts and enter a second number for the people you expect to contact via Zoiper eg Russell will have primary number 0274323062 and a Zoiper number 274323062. Under Zoiper Settings you can customise the ringtone etc (global setting)

Done. Make a call. My Zoiper is 21221 4142         

If proved successful, the next steps are: add more Authentication servers across the district and develop a compact App for Voice and text communications, free of the commercial imperatives of advertising and data collection BS. Other Apps like FaceTime, Whats App etc are unsuitable as they operate from the Cloud so require a working phone/network connection & are large downloads.

Wi-Fi to Wi-Fi calls are free but making calls via the PSTN incurs charges for Countrynet but in this establishment phase, Russell is not concerned. However in future there may be a modest fee to each user or user group to cover such overheads. PLEASE USE THIS FACILITY, familiarity is good training.

Russell’s Contacts:          email:   russw@countrynet.co.nz      Mobile: 0274 323062

73, Terry Thomas, ZL4TAE