COIVD-19 Latest Club News

Hi again every body

Its all changed again with the announcement of an immediate Level 3 alert as of noon today and Level 4, 48 hours later.

Hence, the club premises are closed for at least 4 weeks.

This Wednesday, please tune into 690 from 8pm and Dave ZL4DK will be leading a discussion on what we can do.

One of the options is the use of Skype so please make sure you have Skype loaded and if you have it loaded, that it is up to date. Also if data is a problem doing audio only connections reduces the data usage significantly. Note most of the Teleco’s have lifted all data caps but we can expect data usage to be very high and stretch Telco systems.

Skype can be used on Smart phones, Ipads etc,. as well as laptops and main computers and is a free upload.

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