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ZL4OO – Branch 61 NZART

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This page contains details and news from NZART Branch 61 Central Otago.

Contact Details

  • Email: zl4oo at nzart dot org dot nz
  • Postal: PO Box 1590, Dunedin 9054


Role Holder
TreasurerBill Smith ZL2BGX
SecretaryTerry Thomas ZL4TAE
AREC Group LeaderTerry Thomas ZL4TAE
AREC Deputy GL (Southern Lakes)Russell Watson ZL4JW
AREC Deputy GL (Central Otago)Bill Smith ZL2BGX

NET Info

Bede ZL4KX runs a net on Friday evenings at 1730 hrs, on 3610 kHz or nearby.


Meetings are held at the Alexandra Fire Station Common Room.

Branch 61 membership is spread across Otago. We meet about quarterly. We support COSAR for events and training. Most areas are able to access the Countrynet VHF DMR network. Ask Terry Thomas for details.


Our AREC team fielded 4 Operators for the Regional SAREX on 13 Nov. This was based in the old Shelter in the Routeburn Valley. This was a highly successful event which saw 2 of our crew airlifted to deploy 2 Portable Repeaters (ESB 57, ESB 58) on Sugarloaf in quite snarky weather. Many teams commented “best comms ever” and we received great feedback.

Jock White Field Day 2023

Stuart ZL7STU, Bill ZL2BGX, Lindsay ZL4DJ and Terry ZL4TAE rigged dipoles in a wee caravan and gave it our best. Weather was great but propagation was rubbish on Sunday with few contacts on 80m.

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