New Packet Radio

I came across this Hackaday project that looks interesting. So I thought I’d share it 🙂

NPR (New Packet Radio) is a custom radio protocol, designed to transport bidirectional IP trafic over 430MHz radio links (ham radio). This protocol is optimized for “point to multipoint” topology, with the help of managed-TDMA. Bitrate is up to 500kbps (net, effective bitrate). The radio modem is cheap (~80$) and home-made, with a 433MHz ISM module inside. The modem is connected locally with Ethernet, therefore no specific software is needed on PC. The modem is easy to build and reproduce.

More info can be found at

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Special General Meeting – 27 March 2019

Notice to all members

We will hold a Special General Meeting, (SGM), at 8pm on Wednesday, 27th March.


  1. To approve the AGM minutes from our December 2018 AGM
  2. To approve the annual accounts
  3. To approve the amendments to the constitution

Martin Balch


Secretary/Treasurer  Branch 30 NZART.

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Website Admin

There are some changes being made to the hosting of our website. The website software has also been updated. If you spot anything amiss please let the webmaster (ZL4PH) know. Thanks!

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Repeaters + Committee Updates

The 2019 Branch 30 committee members have been posted to the website.

Updates have also been applied to the South Island repeater pages with additional information added to cover the national system along with a further new page for data/digital stations.

There have been other minor tweaks made to content to bring the site up to date.

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