Coming Events

March 29th: Ian Scott ZL4NJ

Following up on his excellent BJT presentation, Ian takes us through the evolution of the Field Effect Transistor. FET variants have proved excellent weak signal devices and also for medium to high powered transmitters. Terry and Ian introduce the next club project: “Make a Radio”.
Download a PDF of Ian’s presentation from this website.

April 5th: ZL4SLG AREC

Briefing for the crew and communications plan for the Otago Sports Car Club’s annual Rally of Otago. PLUS PLUS PLUS A real Crystal Set and TRF radios on display. ZL4TAE and ZL4NJ and the Make a Radio Project

April 7-9th Otago Rally

  • Fri 7th: Rigging Communications and aerials at the Southern Cross Hotel lead by Martin ZL4JH.
  • Sat 8th: Rally SS1 starts at Falla Burn 0830.
  • Sun 9th: Rally ends at 1510 Hrs and after clearance, the de-rig begins

April 12th: Committee Meeting. Construction Night.

Ian give a beginners guide to the basics of radio reception: A working crystal set and a TRF radio and ideas for members to build their own radio receiver. Otago Rally de-brief after the Committee meeting.

April 19th: Terry ZL4TAE (If he is still in town)
Solar power, The basics and the calculations to make a working reliable small system. PVs, Controllers, Batteries

April 26th: Paul Hayton ZL4PH
Paul presents a talk on his experiences with Raspberry Pi and a BBS application called Mystic BBS. There are a number of Amateur Radio operators around the globe also active in the BBS scene still using it a medium to chat and and tinker with HAM related applications for the Pi. Come along to hear Paul and learn more. Got a Pi? You might like to look at Mystic BBS 1.12 [Alpha] fsxNet Ready (Raspberry Pi) in advance.

May 3rd:
Brief presentations from all “Make a Radio” Project participants and members get to judge each on its merits. This will be a fun night

May 10th: Committee Meeting. Construction Night.

May 17th: Peter Johnson ZL4LV
Peter expounds on the history of valves, Vacuum Tubes, from the smallest to some rather large transmiting tubes