Coming Events

August 22:

August 29:

September 5: What can be done with BC547’s Pt 2
Terry and Ians Part 2 of a series of talks/Workshops on putting the ubiquitos BC547 to work. Audio, Linear, Switching, Oscillators and even a little RF!

September 8, 9: BRANCH 30 runs another famous “Ham Cram” weekend
David ZL4DK at the helm

September 12: Committee. Construction:

September 19: AREC Meeting and Training ZL4SLG
Stephen and Team keeps us abreast of current & new ideas and Training


October 3: RFI Detection & Tracking, Fox Hunts, Wanda Trak
Martin, Kay and others give us the background and tips leading to a Fox Hunt later in the year

October 6: Microwave Contest

October 10: Committee. Construction:

Last update: 18 August 2018