Coming Events

January 24th:  Ian ZL4NJ
  Ian leads Turorial 1 on PCB Design. This week: Schematic Capture
January 31st: The AREC team’s first Meeting: ZL4SLG
  Stephen and Team keeps us abreast of current & new ideas and Training
February 1st:
February 7th:  Committee Meets. Construction:   Ian ZL4NJ
  Ian continue with basic electronic design and Eagle Schematics
  February 10-11th:  Feb VHF FD, All Bands 6m and up
  A Major event for the VHF’ers. Come up on any band SSB or 2m FM and kick up our points for ZL4AA at Mt Cargill
February 14th: 
  Summer Sprint Series Tues nights.


February 21nd:  Jock White National FD Planning   ZL4DK
  February 24-25nd:  Jock White National FD
  One of our major events of the year. Come out to the Brighton FD site and help rig/derig and operate on 80m and 40m
  DX PED:: 3D2EU : Rotuma Island : 160-6m

 23 Feb to 16 Mar